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Onrial Hand Cream with Shea Butter | nutrition and recovery

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Hand cream

160  грн.

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Onrial Repairing Hand Cream based on Shea Butter (Shea)

From washing and antiseptics, did the skin of your hands look like a grater?

Probably for many now an urgent problem, right?

Most antiseptics use alcohol as a disinfecting agent, and it accelerates the evaporation of moisture and deprives the skin of the protective hydrolipid layer. Since you often have to use an antiseptic now, the skin of your hands does not have time to recover. Therefore, we have what we have: peeling, itching, unpleasant dryness, irritation and even microcracks.

Our pens must be cared for.

And we have a good solution with a 100% natural composition – a nourishing and regenerating cream based on Shea Butter (Shea).

They perfectly moisturize the skin, relieve irritation, make it more elastic and stimulate collagen production. It is ideal for rebuilding very dry, dehydrated and tired skin prone to flaking and irritation.

The cream also contains sea buckthorn oil and rosehip oil. The cream has a thick consistency because does not contain emulsifiers, sterates and preservatives. It is applied with a special scraper that comes with a jar of cream.

In addition, if you constantly work with gloves, then Onrial hand creams will not be superfluous and will help keep your hands beautiful.

Packing volume: 100g


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