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Volume: 15 ml.

Manufacturer: South Korea.

1. Drop a small amount of primer to get started
2. Apply the primer on the false eyelashes with cotton swab, where glue would be applied
3. Wait for a few minutes. When the primer evaporates completely, You can start Your extension.

What do we need/use primer? 
• Few glue products take too much time to set hard. While they dry, they tend to suck all the moist around in the air. That leads to whitening phenomenon.
• With shorter time to set hard, glue would suck less moist from the air so the possibility of whitening phenomenon would be much lower.
• When the glue’s drying out time shortens, much less floating foreign substances will be added to the bonded part. This will let the bond last longer than what it would have stayed.

What to be careful :
• NEVER use directly on human skin or hair. (Evaporate all the moist around the applied area)
• Use only a little amount of primer at once. (if over dose, glue will dry too quickly to even get in place)
• Do NOT put close with any type of glue together because it could cause drying out glue.




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