Production of quality and safe
Eyelash’ extension materials

Light brown 0.1 eyelashes
in one length from 7 to 14 mm,
curl B, C, D, CC, L, L +, M

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470  грн.


one length


B; C; CC; D; L; L+; M


0,07 mm


10 mm; 11 mm; 12 mm; 13 mm; 14 mm; 7 mm; 8 mm; 9 mm

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470  грн.


Dark brown Onrial eyelashes or coffee eyelashes, as many extension masters like to call them.

Chocolate shades are the best solution for creating the most natural looks. A common mistake is that brown eyelashes are only for blondes. Artists using brown shades create incredible effects and successfully use brown to correct the anatomical features of the eye.
The color of brown eyelashes on the palette and on the eye are two different things.

Lashes in the shade of chocolate in our palette are available in curves: B, C, D, CC, L, L +, M. Like black, brown lashes are made on the basis of matte fibers, so the color of the lashes is rich. Working with eyelashes is also comfortable, they do not slip and form a bunch well. Traditionally, 21 ribbons in a palette!


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