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Eyelash’ extension materials

Eyelash extensions 0.085, one length from 8 to 14 mm; bend: C, D, CC

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one length

Цвет ресниц



C; CC; D


0,085 mm


12 mm; 13 mm; 14 mm; 8 mm; 9 mm


Onrial lashes have a soft and elastic texture, deep rich black color, matte and flexible fiber. Each lash is well pigmented from base to tip. The narrowing of the eyelashes maximizes the parameters of a natural eyelash The fiber, which is used in Onrial eyelashes, ensures the most comfortable work – the eyelashes do not break, hold the bend well, and can be easily removed from the tape.

The pallet contains the maximum number of lines – 21. Convenient packaging with a protective removable tape, which simplifies the work of the master, namely, reduces the time for removing and transferring the tape. Eyelashes are placed as tightly as possible on the tape. A wide range of curves, thicknesses and lengths makes it possible to adjust and emphasize all the features of eye aesthetics

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There are several lengths in the MIX palette.
5 (2) -6 (5) -7 (6) -8 (8)
8 (2) -9 (4) -10 (5) -11 (5) -12 (5)
8 (2) -9 (2) -10 (3) -11 (4) -12 (4) -13 (3) -14 (3)
9 (2) -10 (7) -11 (7) -12 (4)


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