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Eyelash’ extension materials

Eyelashes dark chocolate 0.10; one length from 7 to 13 mm
curl B, C, D, CC, L, M

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309  грн.


one length


B; C; CC; D; L; M


0,10 mm


10 mm; 11 mm; 12 mm; 13 mm; 7 mm; 8 mm; 9 mm

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309  грн.


Onrial dark brown eyelashes 0.10 mm thick.

Deep rich color of dark chocolate. The color is so dark that at first glance it can be confused with black, but if you put two palettes side by side, then everything falls into place.

The cilia are soft, lightweight, comfortable to work and wear. Made from the same fiber as Onrial black eyelashes, they allow for a faster and more comfortable bun. The cilia hold the bend well, not brittle can be easily removed from the tape.

Dark chocolate is the optimal color for modeling the most natural look.

The eyelash package contains 21 strips. Also, Onrial palettes are distinguished by a well-thought-out design of the substrate, contain complete information about the length of the cilia, and have optimal tape stickiness for working in manual and tape techniques.



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