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Eyelash Removal Cream – Onrial Pudding

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490  грн.

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cream remover

490  грн.


Onrial Eyelash Remover Pudding

A new delicate eyelash remover for professional and home use.
Essentially, it is an innovative cream remover formula.

Onrial Pudding removes lashes as quickly and efficiently as a gel remover, while being as safe and easy to use as a cream remover.
The composition of the cream is hypoallergenic, does not contain dyes and acetone, and is safe for natural eyelashes. The consistency is easy to apply and does not flow. It is the best remedy for clients with sensitive eyelids.

The dissolution time of the glue is the same as for the gel: 1-2 minutes. and depends on the adhesion of the glue and the period of wear of the eyelashes.

Shelf life 6 months.

The volume of the jar is 15 ml.


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