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One length Black Eyelashes: Thickness: 0.07 / Length: from 7 to 16mm / Curl: C, D, CC, L, L+, M

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one length

Цвет ресниц



B; C; CC; D; L; L+; L90; M; V


0,07 mm


10 mm; 11 mm; 12 mm; 13 mm; 14 mm; 15 mm; 16 mm; 7 mm; 8 mm; 9 mm

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289  грн.

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Eyelash for extension in the thickness 0.07mm

Ultra-light SuperBlack matte eyelashes with rich black to the very tips. They have a soft and elastic structure, light and weightless in the everyday using. The narrowing of the cilia repeats the natural form very well. Eyelashes do not change hue from black to greenish or bluish in bright daylight.

Eyelashes are supplied in trays on a tape. The width and stickiness of the tape is optimized for beam formation in both tape and manual techniques. The eyelash plate has a maximum filling: 21 tape cilia with a tape width of 42 mm.

The lineup has a wide palette of bends, from as close to natural as possible to trendy ones in 2020 with an elongated root, such as curl L or M.

In the Onrial Bend Palette are curls: I, B, C, D, CC, L, L90, L +, M

Please do not forget to indicate the curl shape when placing an order.


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