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Onrial Hand Cream with Tea Tree Oil

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160  грн.

160  грн.


Onrial Moisturizing Antibacterial Hand Cream

Onrial cream with natural antiseptic, bactericidal and wound healing properties, based on tea tree essential oil and shea butter.

This is a delicate antiseptic cream; it nourishes, disinfects, relieves inflammation and heals microcracks in the skin. Such a cream is just a godsend if your skin on your hands becomes too dry, itching and microcracks appear.

Yes, it is impossible to treat the surrounding objects with such a tool, but it is possible to partially replace the alcohol antiseptic and preserve the health of not only your hands, but also your health in the full sense of the word. ! In addition, the essential oils contained in the cream have a longer lasting antiviral effect.

The cream will not be superfluous if you constantly work with gloves and will keep your hands beautiful.

Packing volume: 100g


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